Verrow Receives European Patent for Veropaque


The European patent for Veropaque, Verrow’s kidney-safe X-Ray contrast agent has been awarded.

Verrow’s technology will save the US Healthcare system $12-18 Billion dollars per year by reducing Acute Kidney Injury-Contrast Induced, and thus avoiding prolonged hospitalization, dialysis, and the need for transplantation caused by these agents.  Needless to say this does not include the human cost of reduced quality of life in vulnerable populations (vascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease).

In addition, CMS is considering adding AKI-CI to a list of complications of hospitalization it no longer covers.  Also, new screening procedures, including FDA approval of NephroCheck to assess patients at risk of developing moderate to severe AKI-CI, are being developed.

These factors combine to allow Veropaque to have a major positive impact on the lives of patients who must be exposed to iodinated X-Ray contrast.